About Net Links

We are a company offering services to people in need of becoming more "tech savvy" with their smart phones, tablets, computers or other devices.
We will also help with setting up Facebook/ Media Pages for anyone in need of help in that department e.g. Business pages. (We can also maintain your page)
We are hands on and compassionate in the sense that we help you either via phone or email, we can also offer our physical services for a ("higher" fee).
If after 24 hours we have assessed your requests and cannot help for what ever reasons, don't dwell! As we well refer you straight to an expert in the department to help with the issue.

Our Services

Free business site setup with 12 months maintenance for a $40 monthly fee.
$200 Initial Setup with $40 monthly for maintenance or just $200 setup.
$20 per half hour of technological assistance.

Contact Us

Email: netlinks_nelson@outlook.com

Mobile: 0273605933

Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/netlinksnelson/

Our Team

Name: George Beasley

Company Role: CEO, Finance

Age: 17

Contact Mobile: 0279081410

I am a very friendly guy, I have prerequisites at school of merit endorsement for NCEA 1 and NCEA 2. (On track for NCEA 3). My interests include online gaming, football and going to the gym. I have had prior experience with Graphics Design, JavaScript coding and am very technologically educated. I would love to help you in what ever requests you require. I am also very familiar with social media.
Name: Jayde Wirihana

Company Role: Human Resources

Age: 17

Contact Mobile: 0272892500

I am a trustworthy and determined young woman, who strives for excellence. I have the ability to work neatly and quickly. I have incredibly high standards when it comes to my work. I'm at team player and good at listening to others. Friendly and kind and love to help others. Hobbies include be outside and exploring.
Name: Daley Brough

Company Role: CEO, Marketing

Age: 17

Contact Mobile: 0273605933

Description about me: I am an energetic young man, with high goals and expectations for myself and everything I do. I do nothing in half's and give everything my all, with my basketball scholarship to Nayland college vouching for that. Along with playing basketball my other hobbies include playing video games and socializing with friends.

Name: Jasper Lavington

Company Role: Marketing

Age: 17

Contact Mobile: 0274563388

I am an approachable guy with a good knowledge in technology and skills in working with people. Hobbies include football which I excel in and playing around with social media in my spare time. I've been involved with social media since a young age which has given me the skills to be able to work my way around it.
Name: Corban Christie

Company Role: Financial Manager

Age: 17

Contact Mobile: 0223104006

I am a keen teenager with a interest in sports, particularly Basketball. I have experience in Accounting, studying it the last 4 years with a desire to pursue accountancy paths in my future. Social media is something I use often to keep in touch with my friends.
Name: Josh Smith

Company Role: Marketing

Age: 17

Contact Mobile: 0224799124

I am a hard working student who always works to the best of my ability to reach my goals. I consider myself friendly and approachable and would be happy to answer any questions. Hobbies of mine include Football, which i play a lot in my spare time. I also enjoy playing other sports, being with friends and going on social media. I have also taken digital technology at school, so i have experience in how social media and technology works.